Sometimes people worry about losing a feeling of nostalgia by choosing a gas-powered vent free fireplace over an old-fashioned wood burning fireplace. Not only are vent-free products safer, more energy efficient, and cheaper to maintain, Peterson vent free log sets allow you to have the ambiance of a wood fired stove without the hassle.

What makes Peterson gas log sets so appealing? Peterson log sets come in a variety of sizes to fit virtually any vent free fireplace. These log sets also come with different burner sizes to supply you with the right amount of heat for your home and the right price for your budget.

Peterson log sets replace wood as fuel in fireplaces and stoves, and this has a positive effect on the environment. By using a gas-powered vent free fireplace instead of wood burning fireplaces, you reduce particulate matter being released into the atmosphere and reduce elements such as carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, and other air pollutants by 99%.

Not only are they eco-friendly, Peterson products are expertly made to last. Peterson gas logs are made of refractory ceramics, expanded shales, aggregates, and an advanced calcium aluminate binder. These materials allow the logs to withstand high levels of heat while still maintaining their natural appearance. The logs also have steel reinforcement rods inside of them so that they will retain their strength and integrity at high temperatures. In other words, these gas logs are designed to last so that you and your family can enjoy cozying up to your vent free fireplace for a long time.

Mr. Vent Free offers Peterson log sets to accompany any of our vent-free appliances. Peterson log sets allow you to have the efficiency and convenience of a vent free appliance with the feeling of a wood burning fireplace. Let us help you select the right Peterson log set for your vent free fireplace.

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