The great thing about vent-free fireplaces and our other vent-free products is that you don’t have to keep a supply of dry wood to burn. Here at Mr. Vent Free, our highly efficient heating units run on easily-obtained fuels. Before purchasing, it is important to determine what type of fueling is right for your home. Check out the three different types below to see what fits you best.

Natural Gas
A popular choice for fueling vent-free supplemental heating units is natural gas. This is because natural gas is relatively inexpensive and easily accessed in most homes. If you have a gas line running into your home for a stove or other appliances, the gas can easily be hooked up to a vent-free unit upon installation. Natural gas is usually the best option for supplemental heat for homeowners who have an easily accessible gas line and who do not want to use propane or electricity. Shop any of our product collections for natural gas options.

Liquid Propane
Liquid propane (LP) is another possible option for fueling your vent-free unit. Those with homes in less populated areas who do not have a gas line to their home may by able to use a propane tank instead. A large propane tank must sit or be buried in the yard, and a vent-free unit is hooked up to the propane lines coming into the house. Small, portable propane tanks can also be purchased and used for many of our smaller outdoor appliances. Liquid propane is the ideal fuel for those without gas hookup or those who prefer using their existing propane gas tank. Check out our product collections for liquid propane-compatible units.

The third option for vent-free units is an electrical hookup. With no need for any gas lines, the unit simply runs on the electricity in the house by plugging it in. While this can raise your electric bill, it doesn’t require any additional gas costs, especially for those who aren’t already paying a monthly fee for their gas line or propane fill-up. Electric units are ideal for those who do not have an existing source of gas, people who prefer the ease of plug-in installation, and people who want a specific look that is only available as electric (such as the Napoleon Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces).

It’s essential to decide on which type of fuel you want for supplemental heat before buying a vent-free unit. Our vent-free models all run on one specific fuel and cannot be converted later, so choosing the right model for your preferred fuel type is crucial. Our great variety of products gives you the flexibility to find the perfect vent-free unit for any home!