Do you like to entertain outdoors, but have to stop the fun when the weather gets cold? Patio heaters are the perfect solution for outdoor events in cold temperatures. A patio heater generates infrared radiant heat rays. This heats objects rather than the surrounding air. Patio heaters are great for:

  • fall parties
  • evening barbeques
  • spring parties
  • parties after dark
  • early morning coffee or breakfast outside
  • late-night deck parties

Patio heaters also have commercial and non-profit applications, such as:

  • outdoor work sites
  • Christmas Tree lighting
  • shopping plaza events
  • winter celebrations
At Mr. Vent Free, we offer Napoleon’s Radiant Gas Patio Heater. It burns propane, which is efficient and easy to obtain. This patio heater casts a warm glow on nearby objects and people. At 52 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature will range from 73 degrees near the burner, and drop off to 68 degrees at a 10 foot radius. In total, the system provides 22 feet diameter of radiant heat, perfect for most patios and decks. The propane tank is camouflaged by a stainless steel swing door also serves as a small table.
The radiant gas patio heater includes a wheel kit so you can move it where the heat is needed.* Electronic ignition makes it simple to start. This device provides up to 40,000 BTU’s of heat. It is constructed of stainless steel with a gun metal finish.

Have you wanted to hold a “Winter Wonderland” fundraiser? Events at outdoor shopping malls are “on” in the coldest weather with patio heaters. The crowds will stay at city-run Christmas Tree lightings and winter activities if they feel warm. And outdoor workers will appreciate a warm oasis for both breaks and work time.

Patio heaters are flexible because they can be wheeled to the appropriate location. Their heat level is adjustable using a knob near the burner. This saves fuel and lets you make the temperature just right for the situation.
With a Napoleon patio heater, the weather is never too cold for outdoor entertainment. You can make the most of your outdoor entertainment center by extending the season or partying into the night, just by pressing a button. Learn more about our patio heaters or contact us.

*Read the accompanying manual for safe operation. Follow all instructions.