The Simplifire Heatilator electric wall-mount heater uses LED lights to make a design statement in your home. With modern LED technology, a bedrock of beautiful glowing coals sits beneath a custom fire in orange or blue, backlit by ten different LED lights in an array of pleasing colors.

The Simplifire Heatilator is a conversation piece, a source of accent lighting AND a gentle heater. And all of this is energized with vent-free, utterly silent electricity. These flat units can be mounted to the wall in a short amount of time by anyone with handyman skills using easy-install brackets.

Perfect as an elegant design accent for warm weather or cool, the flames can run with or without heat. If you choose to turn on the heater, the 36″ Simplifire Heatilator from Mr. Vent Free can put out up to 4,800 BTUs of heat. You can easily adjust the flame height and amount of heat.

Approximately two feet tall and 6 inches thick, units take up no more space than a flat-screen TV. And flames are framed in either black or white glass. The Simplifire Heatilator is easy to operate, with convenient controls on the side or with a remote. Its as simple to turn on and adjust as a television, but much less distracting. With its perfectly soundless flames, it will not interfere with work, study or conversation. Instead, it opens the way for enjoyable social activities like playing games or dining.

Some vent-free owners like to turn down the central thermostat and run their heating appliance in the occupied rooms. Units cost an average of 1-3 cents per hour to run without heat, and 1-7 cents per hour with heat. Beautifying and heating a room are a cost-effective cinch with the Simplifire Heatilator.

Modern elegance combined with the classic coziness of a fire, the Simplifire Heatilator adds a smashing design element to any room in any home. With the array of backlit light color choices, the Simplifire Heatilator creates synergy with a wide variety of decorating choices and a many different moods.