For a truly unique and modern look, check out our vent-free Wall Torch Collection. These bold statement pieces have everything you love about a traditional fireplace in a striking single flame design, with no hassle! The Napoleon Wall Torch is a versatile and highly efficient source of light and cozy heat.

A wall torch brings plenty of whimsy and drama to a room, harkening back to torch use in days before electricity. But instead of the hassle and hazard of an open flame, our modern wall torches encase the fire in a sleek cabinet for an ultra-contemporary look. Its slim design allows the wall torch to be installed anywhere: bedrooms, offices, hallways, even bathrooms*. There is also an outdoor model for the perfect update to your patio or garden space!

In addition to its striking look, the wall torch also brings you functional supplemental heating. Like all of our vent-free products, the wall torch does not require any venting. Its simple natural gas or propane hookup allows it to be installed virtually anywhere. Because the vent-free wall torch heats and circulates the air already in the room, no heat is lost to the outdoors. This provides 99% efficient heat for your living space. It also eliminates all of the work and mess involved in burning real wood. It is a safe, modern update to a traditional torch.

The Wall Torch Collection includes several options for your ideal setup. Choose from sleek cabinets of stainless steel or black metallic finish. The cabinets come in silver, white, black, blue, or red trim to suit any interior design. Porcelain reflective radiant panels amplify the light of the flame for maximum drama and light. Optional LED accent lights can also highlight the unit (found in Accessories). All wall torches have heat-resistant glass and come with decorative glass embers. Choose the outdoor wall torch model for an extra-durable statement piece for outside walls.

Our Napoleon Wall Torch Collection will update any room or patio in a dramatic work of art. Enjoy highly efficient heat along with the stunning, timeless look of a single flame torch without any mess or hassle.

*Check your local laws and by-laws before installing. A vent-free appliance may not be allowed in all rooms.