Empire heating systems provide supplemental heat to your home quickly and efficiently. These gas appliances do not have a chimney, so heat is not wasted. Like other vent-free products, Empire radiant heaters boast a 99% efficiency rating. These heaters give you supplemental heat where you need it. They can even operate during power outages because they are powered by gas.

Empire heaters can run on either LP (liquefied petroleum) or natural gas, depending on which model you choose. Depending on their size, these units can put out anywhere from 6,000-30,000 BTUs, so that you can choose the perfect sized heater for your space. Optional manual blowers and automatic blowers project heat into the room. Your installer can mount the Empire radiant heater on a wall (most common) or set it on a floor stand.

A distinct quality of Empire is the vibrant flame. Some Empire heating systems have more traditional yellow flames; others create soothing blue flames. Choose the flame color that matches your decor and personal preference.

Starting the unit is easy with the matchless push button piezo ignition and standing pilots. Each system is equipped with a hydraulic thermostat and conveniently located control panel, so regulating the temperature of your room is simple. Every system has auto shut-off safety controls for emergency situations.

If you want a supplemental radiant heater with a unique look at a competitive price, take a look at Empire. They throw heat onto every person and object in a room, just like sunlight streaming in through a window. They fit into virtually any home and provide an atmosphere warmth and comfort.