There is something special about the sight of an open flame bringing necessary warmth to one’s house. It is based on this vision that vent-free appliances were created. Fueled by natural gas or propane, vent-free gas appliances provide consumers with a stylish, clean-burning alternative to the classic wood fireplace. Varying designs of heaters, fireplaces, stoves and log sets allow you to fulfill all style and supplemental heating needs simultaneously. Unlike many faux-fires, Vent-free appliances burn a real open flame – some of which so closely mimic a wood fire that people may never notice the difference.

But the differences exist. Vent-free appliances eliminate the need to haul heavy wood, dispose of ash and stay alert for dangerous embers. The lack of a vent means that almost all heat generated flows directly into the room, greatly improving efficiency. Installation fees are greatly reduced because you do not need a vent or chimney. If you convert an existing wood-burning fireplace to a vent-free fireplace, you can rest easy about never having to clean a soot-filled chimney ever again. Natural gas is currently the most-cost effective heating fuel on the market so vent-free appliances will save you money.

By eliminating vents, vent-free appliances have eliminated the limitations of where you can place your heat source. In most states, you can add a vent-free appliance to nearly every room except the bedroom or bathroom. They are simple to maintain, requiring only a standard annual inspection to make sure the burner and ignition systems are in proper working order. All vent-free appliances feature an automatic Oxygen Detection System for safety and have steadily earned a truly remarkable safety record. With 17 million units installed in the United States and no documented incidents with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, vent-free is a supplemental heating system you can count on.

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