If you are among the 50% of households in the US that does not have natural gas service, you can still own a beautiful vent-free heater, stove or fireplace. Whether you do not have natural gas lines coming into the home, or do not want to pay the monthly minimum to access them, Mr. Vent Free has two more fuel choices for you. Electric is a popular choice due to its extreme flexibility and hi-tech design options. Propane is viable if you can have an outside tank installed. Either way, you can bring supplemental heat into your home while adding ambiance.

Electric Heaters in Many Styles

Electric vent-free fireplaces are the easiest to power because every home has electrical service. Modern electric heating units have been re-designed to look very realistic. Majestic’s Allura-Fire fireplaces have been enhanced to look almost exactly like the real thing. Napoleon’s wall mount electric fireplaces have an excellent simulated flame with a natural-looking set of logs.

simplifire modern vent-free heatingSimpliFire makes a line of Heatilator linear wall mount electric fireplaces that combine a modern look with gorgeous, warm electric flame and perimeter LED lights. Most provide heat; others are just for ambiance and do not include a heater. Click to see all our electric fireplaces.

Installation of an electric vent-free fireplace involves simply plugging the unit in to an existing electrical socket, or hooking it up to the electrical system directly according to manufacturer instructions (included). An electrician or professional would be needed to handle a direct hook-up.

The popular wall-mount electric fireplaces at Mr. Vent Free are as easy to hang as a picture frame. Anyone with basic handyman skills and a few tools can install it. The wall-mount fireplaces can be placed at almost any reasonable height. They can even be mounted near the ground to look like a traditional fireplace. Some include a tasteful mantel. The Majestic Allura fireplaces are designed to look and feel like traditional fireplaces, without the hassle and waste of wood.

Main reasons that an electric fireplace may be right for you:

  • You do not have natural gas, but you want hassle-free supplemental heat, or
  • You want a modern design that is only available in electric (like the wall-mount fireplaces) or
  • You want easy installation without dealing with gas or propane.
Liquid Propane Stoves, Fireplaces and Outdoor Heating Units

If you have an outside location for a liquid propane tank, consider getting an LP supplemental heating unit. This involves a large propane tank set out in the yard or buried. The fuel comes into the home via propane lines. If you have an existing propane tank already in service, you can ask a professional to attach the propane lines to your new vent-free fireplace or stove. Check out our lines of liquid propane vent-free fireplaces and stoves.

Smaller, portable propane tanks can be used for some of our outdoor heating appliances. Just like a barbecue propane tank, these are easily traded in for a full tank at a local store when empty.

Don’t let lack of a natural gas line stop you from enjoying supplemental heat and natural-looking fireplaces! Mr. Vent Free has plenty of options for everyone. Contact us or browse our store.