Modern LED technology has made it possible for you to enjoy supplemental electric vent-free heat that serves as a gorgeous design accent. The Heatilator SimpliFire looks like a real fire, but runs silently on electricity. This appliance is a classy way to modernize any room while keeping everyone toasty warm.

Supplemental electric heat can reduce your overall energy bill. You can lower the thermostat for the whole house and turn on supplemental heat where people spend their time — whether they are socializing, studying or relaxing. The Heatilator SimpliFire costs, on average, 1 to 3 cents per hour with just the flame, and 7 to 10 centers per hour with the flame and heat. This is cheaper, in most cases, than cranking up the heat in the entire house.

Mounting a SimpliFire on a wall requires only electrical access. Vent access is not needed. A typical homeowner can install it in less than an hour. Its simulated fire provides ambiance. And its unique LED backlighting (see picture, above) makes a statement.

In warm weather, the SimpliFire can be operated with the flame only. This is perfect for entertaining or spending time with family in the evening. Many families are accustomed to having a television on; try turning on the SimpliFire and playing board games, talking or reading books. The SimpliFire provides visual stimulation without the distraction of TV.

The Heatilator SimpliFire Linear 36″ Wall Mount Series Electric Fireplace puts out up to 4,800 BTU. The heat and flames are easily adjusted using controls on the side of the unit, or with a convenient remote control. The glass framing comes in black or white. Gorgeous, luminescent rocks are placed in front of the simulated LED flames.

Do you like orange flames or blue flames better? These are easily selected, and the unit rotates through up to 10 different colors. While real flames change color with the amount of heat (blue is the hottest; orange is the coolest), the Heatilator SimpliFire flame color is does not change the amount of heat.

The living room isn’t the only place you can enjoy this contemporary supplemental heating unit. In most areas, this electric supplemental heat can be installed in dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, or even their kitchens*. This opens up many options for home designers and home owners.

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*Check your local laws and by-laws regarding the use of supplemental heat. Read the manual and follow all directions. Use caution in moist areas such as bathrooms.