Vent-free fireplaces bring both warmth and visual appeal into the home. Some people use a vent-free unit as a replacement for traditional fireplaces, or as a supplement to central heating. In this way, homeowners can significantly reduce heating bills and other costs. This is because a vent-free fireplace is 99% energy efficient and hassle free.

Others enjoy vent-free appliances purely for the atmosphere and visual statement they can create in any room. Displaying fire safely and beautifully in the home can become a work of art and a complement to home décor. Mr. Vent Free products include both the practical and the aesthetically pleasing, often combining both for the ultimate vent-free fire feature.

Our HearthRite and Empire brand heaters use blue flame radiant heat to provide ultimate practicality and convenience in warming your home. They are able to mount on the wall or stand on the floor to create heat for any space in a room. Choose between propane or natural gas and a range of BTUs to suit any room size. Infrared heat instantly warms and circulates throughout the room.

Majestic brand fireplaces offer the beautiful integrated look and warmth of a traditional fireplace. The Napoleon brand fireplace units provide a contemporary update with the same heating capabilities. You may also opt for an electric unit, a firebox, or stove for variety.

Alterna units provide a contemporary and visually stunning look to complement modern home décor. Choose from the ceramic painted Fireballs or crushed glass Fireglitter for a unique statement piece. SimpliFire electric fireplaces offer the ultimate modern focal point for a room with optimal ease in installing and operating. LED flame and backlighting provide both unique lighting and adjustable warmth.

Napoleon Outdoor products provide both warmth and a striking atmosphere for any gathering on the patio or yard. A Patioflame or Wall Torch can be customized with unique colors and features for every setting you wish to create. Napoleon also provides wall-mount fireplaces with simple ethanol fill spouts that create both warmth and a sleek modern look to indoor rooms.

No matter what effect you wish to create in your home or yard, Mr. Vent Free has products that are both practical and beautiful additions to every space.