When gas fire log sets first came on the market more than seventy-five years ago, they didn’t have the appeal of wood fires. Somewhat lackluster, fires were small and flames burned with the monotony of a stove burner. But back then, people were not as aware of the consequences of inefficiently burning wood and were unafraid of running out of trees. Now gas log technology has come a long way in terms of appearance and realism. The supply of trees for firewood is dwindling, and we have all grown more conscious of our carbon footprint. Enter the new and improved vent-free gas log fire sets, made by Peterson, an industry leader for seventy-five years.

Peterson has turned vent-free gas log appliances into must-haves. With 99% efficiency, they contribute almost no particulate matter, volatile organic compounds or carbon monoxide to the air. This is far less than the greenhouse effect of burning wood. Plus they are cheaper and safer to operate than a wood-burning device.

Peterson’s Real Fyre logs give back the effervescent grace of a wood fire while increasing fuel efficiency. Newer technology gives a fire virtually indistinguishable from wood, burning in complex patterns with glowing embers beneath. In a wide variety of versatile styles and colors, homeowners can choose the log fire that most suits their tastes, needs, and budget. They can be used in most existing vent-free products and can also be used when converting an existing wood-burning fireplace to vent-free gas.

Log sets come in a range of sizes from 16” to 30” and a range of styles. There are split log sets and split-log see-through sets in oak or charred wood. They also have modern-looking fires that resemble something from The Hunger Games.

Peterson logs are an assemblage of the finest, most technologically advanced gas log materials. Built to withstand time, they are made of refractory ceramics, expanded shales, aggregates, and an advanced calcium aluminate binder. Plus, they are lined with steel reinforcement rods, improving their durability in both function and appearance, even under the longstanding pressure of high heat. With Peterson, you can relax in front of your fire for years, reassured you made a great choice in beauty and durability.

Mr. Vent Free carries Peterson log sets for all of their vent-free devices. Contact us to help you choose the right set for your needs and budget.