The modern homeowner deserves a modern fireplace. That means control, efficiency, sleek aesthetic appeal and craftsmanship. Fairview Hearthside is happy to announce some new additions to our fleet of heating options manufactured by Napoleon. Napoleon is a consistent producer of high quality fireplaces that go above and beyond the norm to provide comfort and ambiance to all rooms of your house.

The sleek, gas burning wall torch is a unique natural gas heater by Napoleon. Perfect for anyone looking to add some classy heat to an area without taking up space. Equipped with a Torch™ burner, this striking piece of engineering efficiently lights and heats entryways, offices, bathrooms, living rooms — virtually anywhere, as this vent-free appliance does not need a chimney or vent. As with all other vent free gas appliances, the torch is safe, clean and efficient.

napoleon electric heater – on wallIn addition to the ultra modern, vent free wall torch, Napoleon offers several wonderful electric heaters. Despite the ultra efficient and safe nature of natural gas heating, some people simply prefer the convenience and style of electric supplemental heat. To this end, we now provide products like the Napoleon EFC32H.

The sleek design of these electric heaters provides a piece of truly useful art to the home. Hit the remote controlled “on” switch, adjust the flame height and relax in the real warmth of simulated fire. These electric fire heaters are quick to install and bring life and character to any room of the house.

With a number of styles and sizes to choose from, it has never been easier to achieve the cozy feeling provided by a dancing flame. The high resolution screens output a bright simulated flame and like most televisions, barely protrudes from the wall. The electric fireplaces plug into your standard 120V wall outlet and include the option to be wired directly into your home’s electrical system. With up to 5000 BTU of heat output, the Napoleon products are an ultra clean, highly flexible, supplemental heating option.

Napoleon also has an impresses selection of outdoor heaters. For more information, see our lineup of Napoleon heaters.