If you are concerned about your heating bills, you need to know the facts about supplemental vent-free gas fireplaces, heaters and stoves. The whole point of supplemental heat is to provide intense warmth in “zones” where you need it. The thermostat for the rest of the building can be set lower to save energy — and money.
Vent-free appliances do not need to be vented to the outside air. They burn natural gas so efficiently, they can use the air in the room. There is no need to send exhaust to the outside because there is virtually no exhaust. Vent-free gas appliances are 99% efficient.

Efficiency is crucial if you want to save on your heating bills. Much of the heat generated in wood-burning fireplaces and non-EPA-certified stoves go right up the chimney. B-vent gas appliances lose some heat through the vent. With vent-free gas appliances, all the heat stays in the living area.

Vent-free gas appliances are not intended to substitute for a main heating system in your home. You have the freedom to turn down the main heating system and turn on a vent-free appliance in the rooms where you spend the most waking time. This is called “zone heating.” The living room is a popular location for vent-free gas appliances. Family members and visitors can stay warm while spending time together. The vent-free appliance can be turned on easily by pressing a button. Many models even have a timer that can be set to turn on according to a schedule. When it’s time to leave the room, a simple press of a button — directly or using a remote control — turns the heat off.

Natural gas is an extremely cost-effective heating fuel. The US Department of Energy has reported that natural gas is less costly than kerosene, heating oil, and propane. Electricity usually comes to mind when people think about space heaters; but natural gas is much less expensive.

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