The Majestic Mojo Vent Free Log Sets are noted for being very realistic-looking, yet utterly practical natural gas fires. Specifically, the 27″ Majestic Mojo is a best-seller at Mr. Vent Free. Why does this gas-burning log set look so realistic, and how does it work?

We are currently transitioning from inefficient and polluting wood fireplaces to cleaner, more efficient gas-powered fireplaces. Burning wood is messy and wasteful, and pollutes the air indoors and out. Gas-burning fireplaces have the best of both worlds: the beauty of natural-looking, dancing flaming logs combined with modern, efficient and clean burning fuel. Vent-free gas fireplaces take efficiency one step further by allowing installation virtually anywhere, because no vent is required.

This technology is ultra-efficient without significantly polluting the indoor air. It is the preferred source of supplemental heat. You can choose from natural gas-burning log sets and propane-burning log sets.

Majestic is known for the quality and value of its fireplaces and stoves. Majestic’s Mojo line of vent-free gas log sets was designed with extra care to simulate a real wood fire. Their realistic ceramic logs have hand-painted details. Each log set is inspired by nature and unique. Many of their log sets include volcanic rock and rock wool embers to enhance the realism of the set. Some include glowing rock embers.

These log sets are made primarily from one of two different materials:

  • refractory cement – allows for more fine detailing, for an ultra-realistic-looking log set
  • ceramic fiber – to reflect the heat better
The Majestic Mojo designs come in a variety of simulated wood options. You should choose a log set that reflects the room’s decor, the types of wood available in your geographical area, and personal preference. The wood styles include:

  • Split Timber Log Set
  • Highland Oak Log Set
  • Mountain Oak Log Set
  • Charred Hickory Log Set
  • Mountain Cedar Log Set
  • Blazing Oak Log Set
  • Aged Hickory Log Set
  • See-through Log Set that look beautiful from all angles (for fireplaces that are viewable from more than one side, such as a modern middle-of-the room or shared interior wall fireplace)
You may also consider an enhancement kit — two additional logs — available for the Split Timber log set. Some sets are stacked high for taller fireplaces; some are low-profile. A vent-free log set can be installed into an existing fireplace (with some restrictions – see owner’s manual). They are very popular in new construction.

The Majestic Vent-Free Log Sets have the exclusive Natural Blaze Burner System. This creates attractive yellow flame with the push of a button. The fire is lively and moving. They can be difficult to distinguish from wood fires.

At Mr. Vent Free, we include a free remote control and we ship for free. You are welcome to call us for a recommendation at (845) 702-0727. The Majestic Vent-free log sets come with a lifetime warranty and are built to last.