Lots of people are interested in a vent-free fireplace but don’t know how it works. How do you enjoy a fire in your home without a chimney or vent to the outdoors? Mr. Vent Free is here to set the record straight!

A vent-free fireplace system requires no vent, flue, or chimney. The system draws air for combustion from the inside of the building, rather than from outside. The fire is fueled by clean-burning propane or natural gas. A vent-free system is different than a B-vent heater. B-vent heating units have an exhaust system.

Vent-free heating units do not need an exhaust system because they are 99% efficient. The air re-circulates through the room and contains safe levels of emissions and moisture. Because no air escapes through an outside vent, all the heat generated stays in the building.

All vent-free units have an Oxygen Detection Safety-Pilot system. This will shut off the gas safely if it detects the oxygen in the room is too low. The gas pilot burns normally when the oxygen level of the air is 22-25%. If it drops to 18-18.5% for any reason, it will cease burning. This ensures the safety of the unit at all times.

Vent-free systems are self-contained, which makes them easy to install. A unit can be placed in virtually any space in the house. There is no need to consider where vents or chimneys can go. Installation simply requires setting the unit into the wall or installing it free-standing, depending on the type of unit. The propane or natural gas line is hooked up to the unit by a professional. Then the heater can be controlled by a remote, a wall thermostat or directly on the unit.

A vent-free fireplace can also be used even when there is a power outage. Because the unit uses only the gas line, it is unaffected by an electrical outage. This means it will continue to burn. No generator is necessary to heat the area, and there is no need for more dangerous emergency heating.

That’s all it takes! The vent-free system is simplicity itself. You get the flexibility, efficiency, and cost-saving means of enjoying a fire in your home, without messy ashes, inefficiency, difficult installation and wasted heat.

Mr. Vent Free specializes in vent-free heating units, and we are here to answer your questions. Just give us a call or browse our selection of vent-free fireplaces, stoves, heating units and more.