HearthRite vent-free supplemental heating systems are a great bargain for many reasons. They are energy-efficient and easy to maintain just like other vent free products. And they are very reasonably priced. HearthRite heaters warm your home with a subtle glow as opposed to real flames of other vent free fireplaces. If you want a gentle breeze-like heat rather flickering flames, HearthRite appliances are perfect for you.

HearthRite vent free fireplaces are easy to install and circulate heat quickly and quietly throughout your home. HearthRite heaters are affordable to buy and maintain. Because they do not need a vent, they are reliable, easy to clean, and extremely low-maintenance.

Available in either radiant and blue-flame varieties, these gas heaters can offer different types of ambiance to any room. The HearthRite radiant heaters offer a distinct yellow glow and project warmth into the room. The HearthRite blue flame heaters warm the air, which rises to create a natural circulation in the room. Both are 99% efficient and can be powered by either propane and natural gas.

Because HearthRite heaters run on gas rather than electricity, these heaters continue to work throughout power-outages. Using these vent free heaters will not only save you money and provide you and your family with a reliable heating source, they are also less harmful for the environment because they run on clean-burning gas. Every HearthRite heater is tested at the factory and equipped with an Oxygen Depletion Sensor to ensure your safety.

Installing a HearthRite heating system into your home is easy and flexible. These heaters can be mounted on a wall, set on a floor stand, or installed practically anywhere in your home. HearthRite heating systems offer a range of 6000-30,000 BTUs, which allows you to select the perfect supplemental heating source for your home. All HearthRite heaters also come with a 3-year limited warranty on all parts and labor.

Using a HearthRite heating system is as easy as turning a dial. Conveniently located on top of every HearthRite heater are manual and thermostat knobs, which control the heater’s temperature. They also come with a push button piezo ignition and standing pilot so that you never have to worry about fumbling with matches. HearthRite heaters are a great source of supplemental heat for your home.