When it comes to supplemental in-home heating, HearthRite Vent-Free heating systems are a maximally efficient super-affordable way to go. With portable units ranging in size from 6,000 to 30,000 BTUs, there is a HearthRite Vent-Free Heater to accommodate every space. And you have a wide variety of installation options. They can be mounted to the wall, placed on the floor or set on a stand. All that is required is a gas line, which can be easily installed by any qualified technician.

The heaters emanate a soft glow in either:

  • blue flame heat: warms the air, which naturally begins to circulate around the room, or
  • radiant heat: an orange-yellow color heat that puts warmth into the area, similar to sunlight that comes through a window.
Because they burn indoor air and use up their fuel supply with 99% efficiency, they require no outdoor vent. Outdoor vented heaters tend to be only 62%-75% efficient, are expensive to install, and cannot be easily moved at a later date.

Another advantage of the HearthRite Vent-Free heating system is that it adds moisture back to dry winter air which means fewer chapped lips and cracked fingers. If the heater is run for twenty four hours, it can add as much as a gallon of moisture back to the air.

The price point for these heaters is very low and, once installed, they require almost no maintenance. They do not emit odors and they burn so cleanly, they add only a negligible amount of carbon monoxide to the air, which is whisked away by the natural breathing of a house. You simply need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for regular cleaning and an annual inspection.

All heaters are pre-tested at the factory and come equipped with an oxygen depletion sensor. At 16% oxygen, well above any danger, they turn themselves off, ensuring the safety of users.

All heaters are also equipped with a piezo ignition and a standing pilot so there is never any fumbling with matches.

They make great supplemental heating systems, whether installed to warm a cold room or installed to turn down the less efficient vented heaters already in a home, thereby reducing heating costs. Did you know they will still work during an electrical outage?

At a lower cost than a vented heating system, a HearthRite Vent-Free heater gives everyone the opportunity to be warm at a reasonable cost.

Depending on the model you buy, your heater will either have a thermostat dial or a manual control on top of the unit for easy temperature adjustment. HearthRite Vent-Free heaters carry a three year warranty. At Mr. Vent Free, we offer a large selection of both natural gas and liquid propane (LP) HearthRite Vent-free units. Contact us if you have any questions