If you’re considering a vent-free firebox for your home, you probably have a few questions. Here are some common questions and answers to consider before buying your own firebox.

Q: What are vent-free fireboxes?
A: Vent-free fireboxes are a highly efficient alternative to traditional fireplaces. They are built with steel layers, non-combustible insulation, and masonry interiors. Fireboxes are designed for use with approved vent-free log sets. They can fit into the space of an old fireplace or into new construction and are very versatile. This system can create great supplemental heat for the home with just a connection to the home gas line.

Q: What is the difference between a vent-free firebox and a vent-free fireplace?
A: Both products supply heat and light through an efficient vent-free system. A vent-free fireplace comes outfitted with a log set, valves and burner. A vent-free firebox, on the other hand, is designed for use with the separate vent-free log sets. The advantage of this is that, on the rare occasion that a component of the system breaks, the log set is easily replaceable. This also allows for easy customization of logs whenever a new look is desired.

Q: Can I change the logs in a vent-free firebox?
A: Yes! One of the advantages of the firebox is that it can be used with a vent-free log set. Log sets come ready with a burner and need only be hooked up to the gas line. Vent-free log sets come in a variety of high quality hand-painted looks to transform the look of your firebox. When you want to change the style, just replace the log set!

Q: Where can a firebox be installed?
A: A vent-free firebox can be installed virtually anywhere in the home because it does not require outside air intake or exhaust. Some states dictate vent-free appliance usage only in certain rooms. In general, rooms with good air circulation and at least one window are ideal. A traditional fireplace can be converted to vent-free by simply fitting a firebox into the space; fireboxes can also work with new construction anywhere in the home. Fireboxes can also make unique use of space with modern see-thru and peninsula designs.

Q: How do I maintain a vent-free firebox?
A: A firebox, like any vent-free appliance, is easy to maintain. Unlike the routine cleaning, sweeping, and replacing that is required for a traditional wood fireplace, the firebox needs only the press of a button. Depending on the model, the firebox may only need a light cleaning or dusting from time to time. A professional should also perform an inspection on vent-free appliances once a year, to ensure safety and efficiency. Check your owner’s manual for information.

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