Dealing with power outages is easier with vent-free stoves and fireplaces. Why? Here are a few common questions and answers:

Why is a vent free device the best choice when the electricity goes out?
Vent-free stoves and fireplaces aren’t affected by electrical outages because they run on gas lines. If the situation is safe, you can stay put and keep warm with a vent-free appliance. Burglars who might have been tempted by an empty house will pass on your home.

How does a vent free stove or fireplace compare to a generator?
A generator must be run outside, since carbon monoxide poisoning is a danger with them. The fuel needed to run a generator is costly, and also a hazard, because it’s flammable and must be handled directly. Generators are large and noticeable, easily targeted by thieves, and are noisy to run. Generators power electrical items in the house and charge batteries, but you can minimize their use if you don’t need them for heating. The vent-free appliance is quieter and less expensive to operate.

How safe are vent-free appliances compared to other forms of alternative heat during a power outage?
Vent-free is much safer than many other heating options. Turning on the oven or stove, or using kerosene heaters indoors is extremely dangerous due to carbon monoxide poisoning. Open flames are another bad choice, since they could start a fire and harm the air quality. Wood fireplaces and stoves are useful, but they are not as efficient as natural gas and they produce more air pollution. When you run out of wood, you are out of luck. Oil and gas whole-house furnaces need a blower that runs on electricity. Vent free devices are 99% efficient and have a CO2 detector that shuts the device off if its operation is dangerous.

Can one vent-free device heat my whole home?
Vent free stoves and fireplaces are useful for heating a “zone,” such as a room or an open space in the house. Turning up the heat and keeping doors and windows closed helps keep the zone warm. Some homeowners choose to move operations into this warm zone. Others elect to stay near the zone during the day and sleep under warm blankets in their beds at night. If you are concerned about power outages when the weather is cold, you can elect to install vent-free appliances in several heating zones in the house.

Vent-free appliances are not suitable for cooking but they are a great choice for heating your home during a power outage. They are a safe heating solution that is easy to operate and energy efficient.