Vent-free fireplaces are becoming more popular every day, but some buyers still have concerns about emissions from these vent free fireplaces. People wonder, “If there is no chimney or vent through which emissions can escape, do all the emissions and moisture from the fireplace leak into the building?”

Vent free fireplaces provide clean heat and exceed all nationally recognized guidelines for acceptable indoor air quality. Vent free fireplaces are gas-powered, so they burn cleaner and produce less emissions than wood burning fireplaces. Every vent free fireplace is equipped with an oxygen detection safety-pilot (ODS), which will automatically turn the fireplace off if oxygen levels get too low.

Moisture control is another concern for people interested in buying a vent free fireplace. Excess moisture can have a negative effect on your home in many ways including the promotion of mold growth. Mold can not only damage your home, it can cause health problems including asthma, allergic reactions, and many other serious respiratory illnesses. This could have an effect on your children, pets, and anyone who comes into your home.

The good news is that vent free fireplaces do not generate anywhere near the amount of humidity it would take to foster mold growth in your home. Vent free fireplaces produce safe, clean heat, and will not add excess moisture to your home. Vent free fireplaces are more cost efficient, 99% energy efficient, and certainly safer than wood-burning fireplaces.

Mr. Vent Free carries a wide variety of vent-free fireplaces that are easy to install and come in a variety of different styles and sizes. These gas-powered, vent free fireplaces will warm your home safely and efficiently without creating excess moisture or emissions. Please contact us with any questions you may have about moisture control or any of our vent free products.