A common question that comes up with vent-free heaters surrounds whether or not you can completely replace the central heating in your home with vent-free appliances. It is important to understand that vent-free heaters are only intended to be supplemental heat sources. In fact, most states do not permit the use of vent-free heat sources as the sole source of heating in a place of residence.

The huge advantage of vent-free heating appliances as a supplemental heat source is that they can actually help you to cut down your overall energy costs. You can choose to add extra heat only to specific areas or rooms in your home that you use most often. Therefore, you can turn down your main central thermostat, saving money. Remember, vent-free gas appliances are 99% efficient, which may be more efficient than your central heating source — saving even more money. Why keep rarely-used rooms toasty warm? Keep the less-used rooms warm enough to prevent pipes from freezing and to stop other types of cold-related damage.
Vent-free heating sources are also perfect for those colder rooms or house additions that may not get adequate enough heat distributed from the central heat, and play rooms where you have young children you want to keep extra cozy (note: follow safety guidelines when young children are present). They also work great in living rooms, basements, rec rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and just about anywhere you and your family spend most of your time in your home.

In regards to putting vent-free heaters in your bedroom and bathroom, most states do allow the use of vent-free heaters in bedrooms, but the size of the unit cannot exceed 10,000 BTUs, even for bedrooms over 1000 square feet. Bathroom heaters are also restricted to a maximum of 6,000 BTUs in many locations. It’s always a good idea to check your local city or county regulations, which may differ than what is in the state regulations, on the use of vent-free heating units in your area to be sure there aren’t any specific guidelines in your location that you need to be aware of before purchasing or installing a vent-free heater or fireplace.

Remember that vent-free appliances do not require a vent, so you can install them almost anywhere. Just be sure to check with a professional before finalizing your design or building plans, in case they notice something that needs tweaking. An expert will be needed to attach the gas line.

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