Not everyone wants their vent-free fireplace to look just like a traditional chimney fireplace. Our Alterna by Rasmussen brand offers a fire display that creates a bold, modern statement which will complement a more contemporary home design. For those looking to add a dramatic and unique focal point to virtually any room in their home, Alterna products make a strong visual statement and alternative to the typical fireplace.

All Alterna units come with a sleek black chassis. They are customizable with single- or double-faced options and available in 20”, 24”, or 30” sizes to suit any space. An on/off remote control is also included with each unit for optimal convenience.

The unique feature of Alterna gas fires is the option of customizable FireBalls or Fire Glitter. Choose between these two exciting alternatives to traditional fireplace logs for a colorful and modern way to display fire.

Alterna FireBalls – GreyThe FireBall option comes in a variety of ceramic-painted colors for just the look you want. After choosing the size and BTU of the burner, select from the Black, Dark Grey, or Natural color stains for the set of 4” FireBalls. The stacked spheres appear to be on fire when the burner is lit, creating a stunning conversation piece for your home.

Alterna Fire GlitterChoose the Fire Glitter model for a dazzling look. The high temperature crushed glass comes in Platinum, Black, or Blue-Green in a single or double face chassis. The look of flame reflecting off the sparkling cut glass creates a feature that will turn heads in any room!

Match your style with the right color and look for your fireplace and you’ll have an instantly chic update to the room! Break out of the norm and bring polish and a dazzling modern look to your home with Alterna FireBalls or Fire Glitter.