Majestic Magnum clean face vent-free fireboxes offer the warmth, coziness and style of a traditional fireplace without the need to install outdoor venting. With many style options available, you can choose the design that best fits your room decor and install it almost anywhere. All that is needed is a gas line, which can be easily installed in nearly any location.

Majestic Magnum offers a taller option, designed to easily warm larger spaces. With this option, you can get up to 1,097 inches of viewing room. This makes it easy to see the fire from any point in the room.

Interior options include a choice of firebricks in soft pleasing colors for a true masonry look. Choose from Ceramic Fiber multidimensional Old English 3-D firebrick, Ceramic Fiber Tavern Brown firebrick or Refractory Herringbone factory-installed firebrick. These options add a delicious touch of ambiance able to improve upon any decor, whether warm or cool.

Models include a black hood and junction box and come in two convenient sizes, 36” and 42”. The firebox has zero clearance to the fireplace.

These fireboxes are CSA certified and can be installed with many different style options. Choose a curved trim kit available in two colors, black or stainless steel. Or add cabinet doors with a screen, also available in two sizes and two colors, black and iron. And you can add matching cabinet door frames.

Units also come with an optional outside combustion air kit that draws in air from outside for combustion rather than using indoor air.

Ninety-nine percent efficient, these fireboxes burn all their fuel cleanly. No wasted heat goes up the chimney. The radiant design circulates heat evenly and quickly. For additional heat circulation, you can add a blower kit, a 160 CFM variable thermostat-controlled forced air blower. This makes it easy to adjust the temperature and have a fire in a variety of weather.

Majestic Magnum clean face unvented fireboxes accommodate most 24” and 30” gas log inserts, letting you create the centerpiece of your fire exactly the way you want it.

A perfect mix of style, function, value, and convenience, Majestic Magnum clean face unvented fireboxes make the day sweeter.