The 200 CFM Majestic Blower kit is an accessory that will increase the efficiency of your vent free stove. A blower kit is an excellent addition to the already energy-efficient vent free fireplace or stove. Vent free appliances are all about comfort and efficiency, so you should be sure to maximize these qualities by adding an accessory like the 200 CFM Majestic Blower Kit.

How does the 200 CFM Majestic Blower kit do this exactly? This kit contains a fan that blows the hot air produced by your vent free stove out into your home. The fan blows air at a rate of 200 cubic feet per minute (hence the name “200 CFM” Blower Kit). Each 200 CFM Majestic Blower kit also comes with a thermocouple that measures the heat of the fireplace. When the fireplace reaches a certain temperature, the fan automatically turns on in order to spread the heat from your fireplace further into the indoor space.

The thermocouple keeps you from paying for the fan to blow before there is any heat to circulate. This means that not only will your vent free fireplace be able to heat larger areas of your home, it will be able to do so more efficiently. Ultimately, this process will save you time and money by quickly heating larger areas of your home while using less fuel and energy.

Installing these fans is a fairly simple process. The blower is located underneath your vent free firebox. It’s important that when installing your blower kit, you place the thermocouple on the top side of the compartment beneath your firebox. This allows the thermocouple to get an accurate read of the temperature of your fireplace. We highly recommend the 200 CFM Majestic Blower Kit in order for you to take full advantage of your vent free fireplace.